Types of Hearing Loss

Our patients typically experience one of the three main types of hearing loss. While each patient is different, the types of hearing losses remain the same. They are:

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

This is the most common type of hearing loss that people experience. The nerves in the inner ear are damaged to the point that they do not transmit sound signals to the brain properly (or at all). It is the most common type of hearing loss because as people age, the hair cells in the inner ear begin to weaken and are not as strong as they used to be. This can occur because of age, appear as a side effects from certain medications, or is a result from noise damage.

Conductive Hearing Loss

This type of hearing loss occurs when the middle or outer ear is obstructed by something. Voices can appear distant, muffled, or sound strange. The good news is that this type of hearing loss can often be treated medically or surgically.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Mixed hearing loss is when an individual is experiencing both sensorineural hearing loss as well as conductive hearing loss.

No matter what type of hearing loss you are experiencing, the team at Living Sounds Hearing Centre can help. If you suspect you have a hearing loss, book an appointment to have your hearing tested or speak with one of our hearing health experts.