Ear Wax Removal


We are experiencing a higher than normal volume of requests for ear wax removal service. Wait time for these appointments may be longer than one month.

Ears naturally produce wax, which is a healthy response to environmental factors. Over time, earwax can build up and block your ears, which contributes to simple hearing problems like temporary or partial hearing loss, or muffled sound quality.

Hearing problems caused by ear wax are not serious and should not cause any alarm because it is typically not triggered by illness, trauma, previous infection or exposure to loud noises. Luckily, there is a quick and simple resolution for excess ear wax, resulting in better hearing!

Are your ears blocked with earwax?

Regular ear wax removal cleans your ears and helps preserve your hearing. A lot of complaints regarding hearing loss often turn out to be excess earwax blocking the ear canal, which diminish sound quality and result in a muffled hearing. In severe cases, this can mirror hearing loss, even if it is just a temporary blockage.

It is recommended to remove excess earwax periodically, by having your ears cleaned by a hearing healthcare professional. Using a cotton swab at home is not advisable, as it only pushes the wax further inside instead of pulling it out and can even rupture the eardrum. A professional ear wax removal involves clinically approved tools and methods to remove impacted wax and restore clear hearing.

Trust Our Hearing Health Experts to Remove Earwax

Earwax removal is only recommended if you have an excess build-up that affects your ability to hear clearly, or if it causes pain in the ear canal. Typically, the ears

Earwax removal is done using a combination of techniques, such as irrigation, suction, and careful extraction. This procedure is quick — it only takes about 15 minutes to remove the excess build-up and correct muffled hearing. Earwax removal is typically a one-time procedure.

Multiple treatments may be recommended if you have severe earwax build-up. These require complex earwax removal in patients whose earwax is impacted and causes pain, or a greater degree of hearing loss beyond a muffled sound quality. Complex earwax removal can take anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes and require administering Cerumol to dissolve the built-up earwax and flush it out.

How is earwax removal done?

  1. Inspection: a certified hearing clinician will inspect your ear canals using an otoscope to locate earwax build-up and its extent. This initial examination also determines if an earwax removal procedure is necessary, or if the wax is small enough and will pass on its own.
  2. Dissolve hardened earwax: Cerumol, an oil-based solution, may be applied to the hardened earwax to dissolve it. This helps earwax pass more easily in smaller, removable chunks. Your audiologist may also prescribe the use of Cerumol or a similar solution a few days before the procedure to break down larger chunks of hardened earwax.
  3. Irrigation: a gentle suctioning motion is applied to the ear canal to flush out excess earwax. This is also supported by grasping tools, like alligator forceps, to extract chunks of earwax.

How Earwax Removal Reverses Hearing Loss

Built-up earwax can quickly affect sound quality, which leads to muffled hearing, or in some cases, temporary hearing loss. A quick and painless earwax removal appointment can easily resolve these problems and restore clear and effective hearing.

Earwax removal rids backed-up ear canals of excess earwax. You will likely notice a significant improvement in your hearing after the removal, and in severe or impacted cases, relief from pressure or pain caused by the build-up.

Why You Need Professional Earwax Removal

Earwax removal should only be performed by certified hearing healthcare professionals. This ensures a safe procedure and reliable results to reduce the chances of recurrence. This also prevents damage to the eardrums and other sensitive parts of the outer and middle ear, which can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Professional earwax removal is done by certified clinicians, like hearing instrument specialists and audiologists. These professionals are trained in using irrigation and extraction tools and techniques to ensure safe earwax removal and ear cleaning, without the risk of injury and permanent hearing loss.

Is earwax removal safe?

Unlike jamming cotton swabs into your ear canals at home, professional earwax removal at Living Sounds Hearing Centre is completely safe and effective. But is it recommended for everyone?

Just like any healthcare treatment, it’s important to inform our ear clinician or audiologist of any health conditions and your overall medical history. Patients with a history of diabetes, sensitive skin in the ear canal, and current or recent ear infection may not be eligible for earwax removal. Keeping your hearing healthcare provider informed of these conditions ensures your safety and allows us to recommend alternative methods of earwax removal to help restore your hearing.

Book Your Earwax Removal Appointment

An earwax removal appointment at Living Sounds Hearing Centre helps you overcome temporary hearing loss, so you can hear the world around you and communicate better without being hindered by muffled and poor-quality sound, as well as uncomfortable pressure in the ear canals.

This quick and simple earwax extraction can restore your hearing right away. Book your assessment and earwax removal at Living Sounds Hearing Centre today.

We are experiencing a higher than normal volume of requests for ear wax removal service. Wait time for these appointments may be longer than one month.