HLAC151 Bedside Fire Alarm & Clock

The Lifetone model HLAC151 Bedside Fire Alarm & Clock is a smoke-alarm accessory designed to awaken and alert people who are at risk of sleeping through an ordinary alarm.

  • Audible alerting by means of the Lifetone alarm’s own loud, lower-pitched T3 signal
  • Audible announcement in a baritone voice (“Fire! Get out!”) helps overcome disorientation
  • Tactile alerting by means of a vibrating disk called a bed shaker
  • Visual notification by means of the word FIRE displayed in large text against a bright, flashing orange backlight
  • Works with your existing T3 smoke detectors
  • Plugs in to any standard North American electrical outlet; no wiring needed
  • Easy setup with voiced instructions: just plug it in, press the TEST button, and let the Lifetone alarm hear your smoke detector
  • Battery backup (batteries included) lasts 7 days and operates audible, visual, and tactile alerts
  • Use ordinary alkaline batteries that are replaceable without tools
  • Delivers emergency alerts and other instructions with combinations of audible (low-pitched tones plus voiced announcements), visual, and tactile stimuli
  • Emits a loud (85 dB at 3 feet), 520 Hz square-wave signal in a T3 pattern
  • Can detect a smoke alarm several rooms away, yet virtually never produces a nuisance alarm
  • Includes water-resistant bed shaker for optional use
  • Alerts you to AC-power loss, low batteries, and accidental disconnection of bed shaker
  • Functions as a daily alarm clock as well as a fire alarm
  • Self-contained; other than a smoke alarm, no additional equipment is needed
  • Two-year limited warranty