Living Sounds Hearing Centre has an Audiologist on our team to provide their expertise.

What do Audiologists do?

  • Assess and diagnose hearing and balance disorders in adults
  • Refer patients to physicians when their hearing problem needs medical or surgical evaluation
  • Educate consumers and professionals on the prevention of hearing loss
  • Select, fit, and dispense personal hearing devices (hearing aids) and make recommendations on assistive listening devices, public and personal FM systems, alerting systems, and captioning services
  • Implement hearing conservation programs to prevent work-related and recreational hearing loss
  • Consult to schools, industry, health care professionals, local and government agencies
  • Conduct research on hearing, new testing methods, and new technology
  • Work with adults and children who need aural rehabilitation such as auditory training and speech reading

When should I see an Audiologist?

  • If you are experiencing dizziness, aural fullness and/or fluctuating hearing loss
  • If you have a history of ear infections
  • If you have had ear surgery