AI Hearing Aids: Uncovering the Basics of Personalized Hearing and Listening Support

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Basics of personalized AI hearing aids and listening support
6Jul 2020

The applications for artificial intelligence (AI) are truly endless — and today, these go beyond traditional smart devices. Beyond leisure, the use of AI in technology has raised the potential for a better quality of life, especially for those struggling with disabilities or other health conditions, like hearing loss.

While hearing aids have long been the standard of care for those with hearing loss, AI integration now means smarter listening. AI hearing aids enable personalized listening by adjusting hearing settings based on your environment, activities, and other lifestyle factors.

With these upgrades, it’s easier to focus on conversations, enjoy your favourite shows and music, and participate in the world around you. The possibilities for a better life with AI-powered technology are endless!

There has never been a better time to consider trading in your old hearing aids. With Living Sounds, discover the pioneering technology behind AI-powered hearing aids to make the seamless switch to personalized hearing.

What are AI hearing aids?

Smart devices and applications are loved for their ability to make life easier. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), these are designed to learn your behaviours and optimize performance. This is based on your ongoing use to reduce the time it takes to search the web, recommend binge-worthy content, and perform other high-level operations using sophisticated machine learning. Simply, AI was designed to model human behaviour — think, choose, and perform tasks as humans regularly do, at a fraction of the time it takes to complete these.

AI hearing aids, in particular, use the same technology to model user behaviour and predict future use. They use this data to support your listening by automatically adjusting sound quality, volume, connectivity, and other hearing aid settings to match your environment. With enough data, AI hearing aids can eliminate the need for manual adjustment and control, as hearing settings are modelled after regular, predictable use over time.

Unbeatable Sound

At their core, the strength of AI-powered hearing aids lies with sound quality: they need to help you hear better, at unparalleled clarity. From there, they can collect data based on various listening situations and tune their settings and performance to match your hearing needs.

That’s exactly what leading hearing aids like the Livio AI guarantees. This AI hearing aid features unrivalled sound quality powered by rechargeable 2.4 GHz Li-ion batteries. This means users can take them on-the-go and enjoy endless hours of conversations, streaming, and other listening activities without fear of interruption and getting cut off from various social interactions.

The all-new Edge Mode allows these AI hearing aids to adapt better to environments with challenging acoustics with just a quick tap. These advanced sound processing capabilities make AI hearing aids like the Livio Edge AI a fantastic upgrade option. For wearers, a quick tap on their hearing aids easily amplifies the volume, cancels noise and interference, and stores data on these settings for similar situations in the future.

Enhanced Communication

The best part about AI hearing aids like the Livio Edge AI is that they’re smart enough to remember hearing requirements in various environments. A quick tap on your hearing aid in a crowded room or concert venue to cancel noise and interference today means automatic adjustments the next time it detects a similar environment. Over time, your AI hearing aid will “learn” to seamlessly switch between settings to match your listening needs as you move from one room to the next.

With the help of user data, AI hearing aids can feature improved sound quality and enhance speech in busy settings, so conversations and listening occur naturally and effortlessly — as if users weren’t wearing a hearing aid. These settings also automatically calibrate according to various audio sources. The sound quality of phone calls and music or movies are consistently crisp when streamed directly to your hearing aid via Bluetooth and other smart hearing devices.

Machine Learning for Future Listening

AI hearing aids are predictive. This means they analyze past and current hearing settings across situations to automate these functions for you. Built with 3D sensors, these hearing aids are designed to support wireless connectivity, environment detection, and automatic volume and sound control. But more than personalized hearing in a wide range of everyday situations, AI hearing aids equip users with better hearing and overall health.

On top of revolutionary sound quality and smart hearing technology, AI hearing aids now also feature fall detection and fitness tracking to keep wearers safe as they live independently. Data about hearing and physical health can be shared with trusted contacts and alert them in case of an accident or hearing aid problems so that the wearer can get help.

Manage Hearing Health over the Thrive App

Like many smart devices, AI hearing aids can now be controlled and monitored using a connected app. Designed for the Livio Edge AI, Thrive Hearing Control offers wearers and their loved ones the flexibility to manage hearing settings like volume, sound quality, and noise cancellation with just a few quick taps on their smartphone.

And because hearing health is overall health, the Thrive Hearing Control app also helps wearers and their trusted contacts monitor their hearing aid use and health. The Thrive App stores data collected by AI hearing aids on the brain and physical activity tracking to detect healthcare concerns related to hearing loss and monitor hearing aid performance to ensure reliable function.

The app also provides access to useful services like the Thrive Assistant, Translate, Transcribe, and Self-Check so that wearers can live completely independently. With secure data sharing to trusted contacts like your spouse or children, wearers are guaranteed support in hearing loss, and improved quality of life through personalized listening features.

To learn more about the revolutionary technology behind AI hearing aids, call Living Sounds Hearing Centre at 780-488-8100 or contact us here.

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