Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of Hearing Loss

Sometimes, you may not necessarily realize that you are having trouble hearing. Often, it is a loved one or friend that may notice you are experiencing difficulty hearing.

Signs of hearing loss generally fall within 3 categories: social, emotional and medical.

Signs of hearing loss include:

  • Perceiving a decreased or muffled quality to speech and other sounds you hear.
  • Difficulty understanding speech, especially with background noise or in a crowd.
  • Trouble hearing consonant sound.
  • Asking others to speak more slowly, clearly or loudly.
  • Frequently turning up the volume of the TV, and others telling you it is too loud.
  • Withdrawal from conversations and other social settings because it is hard to participate.

Questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss:

  • Do other people complain about the volume of my television or radio?
  • Do I find myself struggling to follow conversations, understand words or asking people to repeat themselves frequently?
  • Do I intently watch the faces of people when they talk, or try to lip read?
  • Do I struggle to hear in situations where there is more than one person?
  • Is the struggle of trying to hear causing me to feel tired or frustrated?
  • Do I feel isolated or avoid social situations because of my hearing?
  • Do I think others are not speaking clearly, or sound muffled?
  • Do I struggle to hear when there is other noise surrounding the person I am speaking to, but do fine one-on-one?
  • Do arguments begin due to my hearing?
  • Am I answering questions inappropriately because I am unable to hear what is being asked?
  • Do I now turn up the TV, or radio louder than I used to?
  • Am I experiencing ringing in the ears?
  • Does my family have a history of hearing loss?
  • Am I taking any medications that may affect my hearing?
  • Am I diabetic, or do I have issues with heart circulation to thyroid?
  • In my work history, was I exposed to loud sound over a long period of time?

If you find yourself answering yes to several of these questions, you may be struggling due to hearing loss.

On average, it takes between five to seven years — from the onset of hearing loss — for someone to receive help. Don’t wait to get help. Book an appointment for a complete hearing evaluation with a hearing healthcare professional at Living Sounds Hearing Centre today! Act now, do not miss out on another moment.