Your Journey to Better Hearing

Your Journey to Better Hearing

The Living Sounds Hearing Centre journey to better hearing is built on the commitment to providing care and support to our clients, while using a genuine and compassionate approach. We are committed to helping you hear better and ensure that you are living life to the fullest by providing a customized hearing solution plan based on your lifestyle and needs.

The journey to better hearing involves the following steps:

As your hearing health partner, the team at Living Sounds is excited to support you throughout your journey to better hearing!

Hearing evaluation & communications needs assessment

At your first appointment, we will complete a comprehensive hearing evaluation which includes an assessment of your outer, middle and inner ear health, as well as speech in noise testing.

In addition, through discussion, we will review your lifestyle and hearing needs, while conducting a detailed case history.

Determine treatment plan

Depending on the hearing evaluation and communication needs assessment results, a treatment plan will be customized for you, which could involve referral for medical treatment, educational materials about best communication strategies, hearing aids, and/or tinnitus management strategies, among other options.

Real-world expectations

While hearing aids can make a world of difference in how you communicate with others, it is important to have realistic expectations for their performance, both in terms of what they can do for you, and what their limitations are. Good communication strategies are still important!

Select hearing devices

If hearing aids are a recommended part of your treatment plan, your clinician will explain the many different options available to meet your needs, such as; hearing aid style, colour, special features and optional accessories!

Initial fitting

At the fitting, your devices will be programmed to your hearing acuity and appropriate sound levels will be verified with Real Ear measurements while the hearing aids are active in your ears, ensuring that nothing is under- or over-amplified. You will also learn how to clean your new hearing aids, change, or charge batteries, insert, and remove your devices and more.

At the end of this visit, you will take your hearing aids home and begin your 60-day trial period.

Better hearing starts here

For your first week with your new devices, you are likely to experience all sorts of new sounds. It’s a good idea to keep track of your experiences to help your clinician know whether any adjustments are needed at your follow-up appointments.

Real-world adjustments

Based on your observations as you use your new hearing aids, your clinician will make any necessary adjustments over the next few weeks to optimize your hearing experience so that you can hear and live your best.

Ongoing adjustments and device maintenance

Your twice-a-year cleaning schedule is designed to keep your devices performing optimally. You should also have your hearing re-tested periodically; if you experience hearing changes, your devices can be re-programmed to your new hearing ability.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start your journey to better hearing.