Clinical Services


At Living Sounds, our team is trained to fit you with the right hearing aid technology to restore your ability to communicate, participate in social and professional settings, and maintain meaningful connections. Your hearing health is in good hands, when you put your trust in us.

Our highly skilled professionals can perform a wide range of clinical tests, to diagnose hearing loss, and ensure we are recommending the right hearing aid and assistive listening devices to help you cope with the lifestyle changes due to hearing loss. With the right ongoing support, our goal is to help you hear your best based on your lifestyle needs.

Living Sounds Hearing Healthcare Guarantee

At Living Sounds, we take great pride in what we do, and are committed to helping you on your hearing healthcare journey. Our team is trained to provide a wide range of clinical services to support you on your journey to better hearing which includes:

  • Educating on hearing loss and prevention
  • Providing comprehensive hearing tests and hearing aid assessments
  • Hearing aid recommendations, and client training to ensure optimal use
  • Training and support for assistive listening devices, alarm systems, and captioning services
  • Workplace safety and recreational education to prevent hearing loss caused by constant exposure to loud industrial sounds, music, and other noises
  • Consultations with schools, industries, local government agencies, and other healthcare professionals to raise awareness on hearing loss prevention.
  • Tinnitus Treatment – click here for more info

Living Sounds Hearing Centre takes great pride in working with an expert team of certified audiologists and hearing aid practitioners that promote a warm and welcoming environment that makes it easier to talk about the symptoms of hearing loss you are experiencing and access the hearing aid technology you need. Our team provides solutions to all your hearing concerns and supporting our clients every step of the way on your hearing healthcare journey.

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