An Incredible Hearing Aid Experience

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I had an incredible experience with a client that I just have to share.

I first met Gisela for a hearing aid cleaning. She had gotten a behind-the-ear hearing aid about 2 years before from another supplier. She’s 80 years old and only has hearing on her right side.

For the last 2 years Gisela has only understood about 10% of what’s been said to her. Her family was losing hope and getting frustrated – they felt they were being abusive to her because they had to yell at her all the time. They couldn’t even go shopping with Gisela without getting nasty looks from people because they couldn’t communicate without raising their voices!

We decided to do a hearing test to see where she was at so we could make some adjustments to her current hearing aid. I did everything I could to try and help Gisela hear better and understand me. We spent a lot of time trying to fine-tune her hearing aid.

Finally, we decided to try a demo hearing aid. I put one in and asked Gisela a question – to her daughter’s amazement and Gisela’s shock, she was able to answer it right away! I was surprised, Gisela’s daughter was almost in tears and Gisela was just amazed. With such remarkable results with just a demo, we ordered Gisela a new hearing aid.

We custom fit the new hearing aid to Gisela when it came in and the success is incredible. I can’t believe the results we’ve had! For 2 years Gisela has been lost and alone. Her family has been frustrated and exhausted, and now, just like that, Gisela is back living and loving life with her family!

It’s days like this that make all the imperfect ones just disappear. It’s days like this that make me thankful I get to do what I do!

Jackie Brosius, BC-HIS

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