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Batteries are one of the most important pieces of your hearing aid, as the power source can dictate how well your device functions. As you would expect, your hearing aid will not perform properly with a low or defective battery. The following information on how to replace a hearing aid battery was obtained from the “Battery Education” page of the Rayovac website:

Proper Use

  • Remove the drained battery from your device
  • Spin the lock dial on the back of the package to securely position a battery with the forward-facing door
  • Open the door and remove the Rayovac hearing aid battery from the package
  • Re-close the door to ensure batteries stay clean, secured and protected
  • Remove the tab and let sit for one minute to allow air to activate the battery
  • Then insert the battery into your device with the flat side facing up and close the door
  • Your hearing aid should now be powering up and is ready for use

Tips and Tricks

  • Leave new batteries sealed in their original packages
  • Do not remove the tab on your zinc air battery until you are ready to use it
  • Store batteries at room temperature
  • A fresh battery has more power than an aged battery. Therefore, review expiration dates on the back of battery packages prior to purchase
  • Store and discard batteries in places that cannot be reached by infants or children

Alissa Horneland BC-HIS
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

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