Benefits of Custom Earmoulds for Good Sleep

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Benefits of custom earmoulds for good sleep
15Sep 2020

How well do you sleep at night? Any light sleeper knows this struggle too well. Even the slightest noise can interrupt what should be a good night’s sleep. These noises often come from living on a busy street, next to noisy neighbours, or worse, sleeping right beside someone who snores. While the occasional interruption may be unavoidable, regularly missing out on enough sleep has a long-term impact on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Many health guides often say the same thing. Go to bed early, usually at a consistent time, and ensure that you get enough rest. Others even advise consciously watching and curbing smartphone habits close to bedtime. But these tips alone aren’t enough when you are constantly exposed to noisy sleeping conditions that rob you of precious sleep! So, how can you eliminate the noise and get the rest you need to recharge each day? Let’s talk about custom earmoulds.

What Are Custom Earmoulds?

You’ve probably seen earplugs — often of the foam or plastic variety — sold in drugstores. Maybe you’ve used them to relieve ear pressure on a long flight or a loud concert. But these are often designed for single-use, and as “one size fits all.” Because of this, they’re not sustainable and don’t fit snugly or comfortably, especially for overnight use. One the other hand, as their name suggests, custom earmoulds are made just for you. They’re tailored according to your ears’ size and shape so they fit securely throughout daily use.

You may worry that custom earmoulds will prevent you from hearing things you need to hear. But don’t fret. You’ll still be able to hear important sounds while blocking out distracting noises. Custom earmoulds are designed with noise cancellation or reduction technology. They easily block noises at various levels, while ensuring perception of close-range sounds, like your morning alarms. Custom earplugs are generally rated for noise reduction of 30 dB and above, resulting in peaceful silence.

Ease of Use and Regular Wear

Custom earplugs are easy to use and wear. That’s because they are designed for you and with your utmost comfort in mind. Because they’re measured according to the size and shape of your ears, these earmoulds are easily worn and removed as needed. They won’t shift or fall off out either when worn correctly. Custom ear moulds are also designed with a sufficient grip for easy insertion and placement before expanding.

The best part of wearing custom earmoulds is that you forget they’re actually in the ear canal. They truly are that comfortable, especially with regular use. This is because custom earmoulds are designed with a precise impression of your ears. They eliminate any source of pressure or weird sensation caused by other foreign objects — like disposable earplugs — in the ear canal.

All Night Comfort

Custom earmoulds come in various designs and purposes, such as for work in extremely loud environments, playing music, and getting a good night’s rest. Sleep earmoulds are crafted for easy insertion and removal using a soft foam material that’s precisely cut and shaped according to your ears’ size and shape. This prevents excess pressure on your ear canal or dislodging as you shift between sleeping positions through the night.

Reduce the Risk of Ear Infections

Custom earmoulds are created for your specific ear shape and needs, ensuring that they don’t interfere with the ear wax from doing its job to protect the ear. Ear wax protects the sensitive parts of your ears from dirt and dust by pushing it out of the ear canal, reducing the risk of ear infections. This is why it’s important to get custom earmoulds, rather than buying a standard off-the-counter product.

Noise Level Filters

Custom earmoulds are generally designed to shield your ears from the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to particularly loud environments. When designed specifically for sleeping, they block out distracting noises that cause light sleepers to wake up, while ensuring that they pick up and respond to essential cues. This advanced noise reduction is made possible by using filters integrated into every set of custom earmoulds.

Let your audiologist know exactly why you need custom earmoulds. Typically, those recommended for loud environments like construction sites are different from sleep ear moulds; these are designed with different filters.

This level of personalization is only possible with custom earmoulds — the drugstore variety won’t be able to effectively filter the right noise level to help you sleep through the night.

Easy Fitting for Every Ear Size

Because custom earmoulds are tailor-made, they can be made to fit various ear shapes and sizes. Beyond a snug and secure fit that effectively blocks noise and stays on throughout the night, custom earmoulds can be designed to accommodate various ear shapes, such as those affected by disease, surgery, or birth trauma.

Custom earmoulds are also easy to replace when they are lost or damaged. An ear impression is taken and used to create the custom earmould. These impressions can be kept on file for quite some time, which often allows your audiologist to remake new earmoulds right away without requiring new impressions.

To learn more about the benefits of custom earmoulds designed especially for a good night’s rest, find a Living Sounds hearing clinic near you or contact us here.

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