Boomers Have One More Trail to Blaze

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Over 50% of those over the age of 50 report some form of hearing loss, or so says a recent study.

With such alarming hearing-loss statistics, I often wonder why we’re still so reluctant to wear hearing aids. You’d think if that many people are having trouble hearing we’d have gotten over it. Isn’t hearing more important than the device that helps you do it? I’m especially surprised when I think of everything the over 50 set has accomplished in the world.

As a generation the Baby Boomers blazed a trail of expanding individual freedoms, such as has never been seen before. They faced sexism, racism, homophobia, religious intolerance, pollution control and many other civil issues of social and environmental injustice. So it always surprises me when they’ve faced so much, and changed the world for so many, that they haven’t just embraced the technology available to ensure their own hearing health.

I have hope that Boomers are just adjusting and that we’re about to see the end of the stigma to hearing loss. It strikes me that they’re starting to because, more and more, consumers are saying they want stylish hearing device alternatives, and manufacturers are moving in that direction. It proves to me that we’re feeling less and less like we should have to be ashamed of hearing loss. Like any health device from a pair of glasses to an in insulin pump, in the end we’re healthier for taking the plunge.

We’re all always going to be scared that someone will have a comment to make that will hurt, but after seeing the different hearing well has made in my patients’ lives, I think it’s always going to be better to be healthier.

So Boomers your next trail to blaze… overcoming personal fears and proving once and for all that hearing well is nothing to be ashamed of!

If you or someone you love is suffering hearing loss, please contact us.

Greg Nedelec BC-HIS

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