Custom Noise Defenders: Are They Needed?

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My neighbour and I were chatting after he finished mowing his lawn when he asked me to speak louder, as his ears were still ringing from the noise. Working in the hearing industry, I asked him if he ever wears hearing protection. In return, he asked me if it’s really that crucial to wear them when only mowing the lawn — something he had done his whole life without ever worrying about protecting his hearing. This is a common misconception, as many people do not realize the damage that can be done to your hearing from seemingly harmless activities. If anything involves a loud noise, you should be protecting your hearing! This experience reminded me of an informative article from Creighton University. I gave my neighbour a copy and wanted to share it with all of our clients at Living Sounds as well. The link below is to the article in reference, Hearing Protection, which explains when and why individuals should wear noise protection. I hope you find it as informative as I did!

Download the article here.

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