Get the Most from your Hearing Aids with Accessories

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Hearing aid accessories
1Mar 2022

You may not associate accessories with hearing aids, but some of the available add-on features can personalize your hearing aids into a system that meets your specific needs. What accessories should you consider for your hearing aids and why.

A Remote Microphone

An effective hearing aid will pick up conversations within about 12 feet in quiet, but that may not adapt in louder, unavoidable situations — like when you are seated near the kitchen at your favorite restaurant. In many difficult listening situations such as this, the signal (your conversation partner) and the noise (all the other conversation and noise) become hopelessly jumbled.  Engineers refer to this as an unfavorable signal to noise ratio.  As a result, conversation with others at the table is difficult or impossible.

A remote microphone brings the source of the audio pick up much closer to the signal of interest and dramatically improves the signal to noise ratio.  It’s like moving within inches of the conversation so that it is easier to hear!  The conversation partner wears the remote microphone, and the microphone relays the voice directly to your hearing aids via a wireless link. When taking a class or attending a seminar, the microphone can even sit on the presenter’s podium, to similarly bring the voice directly to your ears.

See Starkey’s Remote Microphone+ or Mini Remote Microphone for details. The Starkey Remote Microphone+ also pairs with Bluetooth devices for a direct connection.

Starkey TV

The Starkey TV device is designed to stream audio from electronic audio sources such as TV, computer, or radio directly to your 2.4GHz hearing aids.

Starkey Table Microphone

The Starkey Table Microphone is a multipurpose remote microphone and media streamer.  The noise reduction capabilities are enhanced with a multiple microphone array and sophisticated on-board logic.  the Table Microphone is a speech enhancement tool for group settings in noise or quiet, a remote microphone for enhanced one-on-one conversation, and a multimedia streaming device – an all-in-one hearing aid accessory!


A telecoil is a reception antenna that detects induction signals that are present in many telephones, worship locations and theaters.  Applications are regional in nature depending on community need. Most Starkey hearing aids have the telecoil capability built in and may be programmed to be operational as needed. The purpose is like the application of Bluetooth radio transmissions, to bring the signal closer to the hearing aid, and the ear. Telecoils are dependent upon signals from a facility or properly equipped telephones.

Smartphone Connectivity

The current generations of Starkey 2.4GHz hearing aids pair directly with many smart phones, and no accessories are needed for calls and streaming music or podcasts. Check with your hearing professional for smart phone compatibility with your phone.

Starkey 2.4GHz Remote

For those who want simple control of their hearing aids without using a telephone, the Starkey Remote provides volume and program switching in a lightweight hand-held device.

Battery Charging

Rechargeable battery hearing aids are rapidly becoming the standard for convenience and reliability. Starkey Hearing aids that are rechargeable come with a charging system. For travel and support for those who are unusually dependent upon streaming demands that may deplete the power supply before a typical 16- or 18-hour day, Starkey offers the Mini Turbo Charger that is a pocketable charging option for the Lithium-ion hearing aids. The charger may be used when plugged into a wall outlet, or from an onboard battery that will recharge a pair of hearing aids up to four times.

But wait, there’s more! Improving your hearing doesn’t stop at the hearing aids — accessories can make your life even more enjoyable. Contact us to schedule an appointment today and let a hearing specialist find a plan that works to improve your hearing.

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