Good Hearing Starts with a Good Attitude – Part 1

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I had the pleasure talking with Ryon Dudar recently on his experience with hearing loss and how getting hearing aids changed his life. Suffering from hearing loss myself for many years, Ryon’s story really hit home with me and I wanted to share his important message with the world.

Ryon was only 33 when he sensed something was off with his hearing and booked his first hearing test.

Being so young at the time, Ryon was a bit surprised when the hearing aid practitioner said he’d be needing hearing aids soon – he didn’t think much of it. But as a few years passed, and his hearing got worse, he knew it was time for something to be done.

A lot of times, people equate hearing loss with being a problem you deal with when you’re older, and this misconception is entirely untrue, and why Ryon’s story is so important.

When Ryon returned to check his hearing again at age 37, he decided he wasn’t leaving the clinic without a plan. The practitioners at Living Sounds recommended hearing aids immediately to not only improve Ryon’s current hearing but to help protect against increased hearing loss going forward.

When I asked Ryon about how he felt about his hearing loss and having to get hearing aids so young, his answer made me very proud – “If you can’t see you get glasses, so what’s the difference with your ears.”

Ryon didn’t suffer from the usual stigma around hearing aids. He sees them as a normal solution to a health problem.

If only everyone felt that way, if only I had felt that way.

– Gord Whitehead

Visit us Thursday, October 9 to read Ryon’s advice to those struggling with hearing loss…

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