Good Hearing Starts with a Good Attitude – Part 2

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Ryon’s attitude towards hearing aids is one that greatly improved his quality of life. Even at his young age, Ryon understood that there isn’t a reason to suffer, and that help is out there if you want it.

Today, Ryon’s biggest challenge with wearing hearing aids is not loosing them at the lake.

“They’re so small, when I take them out at the lake I can’t seem to find a safe enough spot to keep them without one of them disappearing.”

I asked Ryon for his advice to other people his age who might be struggling with the idea of getting hearing aids, he earnestly responded,

“I wouldn’t even be able to be having this conversation with you today if I didn’t get hearing aids. It’s amazing what these things have done. It’s so easy to take your hearing for granted – especially as young as I was when I started to loose my hearing – but you have to get checked. It doesn’t make sense why you wouldn’t go – I wanted to be part of the conversation again.”

Getting hearing aids gave Ryon his life back, and his courageous attitude about hearing loss is an inspiration to both myself and hopefully the younger generation of hearing loss sufferers.

-Gord Whitehead

Visit us Thursday, October 23 to hear about how Ryon reversed mentored his dad to get hearing aids…

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