Good Hearing Starts with a Good Attitude – Part 3

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Ryon’s ability to recognize a problem and seek help at a young age, didn’t only help his hearing, but his dad’s too.

“My dad was so stubborn about his hearing, we all knew he couldn’t hear properly for years – but we never really pushed him to get help. When I discovered first-hand how much my hearing loss had been affecting my life, I knew I had to talk to him about doing something about his own hearing loss. I just kept bringing it up all the time, telling him he had to go get hearing aids.

I think between that, and just being around me and seeing how much the hearing aids helped made him start to reconsider doing something about his ears. After he got his own hearing aids he actually admitted to me that seeing how easy it was for me made him realize it really wasn’t a big deal to get hearing aids – it I could do it then so could he.”

Hearing how Ryon used his experience with hearing loss to motivate his father was heartwarming. I think it speaks to a reality that some of us know all too well about a generation gap in understanding health issues, especially when it comes to hearing. The younger generation’s responsibility to encourage their parents an important issue that doesn’t often get the attention it deserves. Ryon’s unconventional story is one that demonstrates how reverse mentorship about hearing health makes a huge difference.

– Gord Whitehead

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