Good Service: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Posted by Living Sounds

Every business likes to say they offer ‘good service,’ but a discrepancy exists between those who say it and those who actually accomplish it. The differences lie in the details, and consumers often have to search far and wide for truly good service.

When I was a student, I quickly became excited about becoming a hearing aid practitioner. This excitement grew into a passion for helping people hear. I wanted to work for a company that felt service was as important as I did – a company that cared. Having a good experience with hearing aids depends on the time and energy a practitioner and the company that they work for are willing to give. I didn’t want my clients to put their hearing aids in the drawer to be forgotten about. I believed in the benefit that hearing aids offer and I wanted to share that belief with everyone. I had to find a company that agreed with me, so I started to do some digging.

I began my search for a good employer for both my prospective clients and myself by asking questions of everyone I could find in the industry. I spoke to practitioners, of course, but more importantly I spoke to people wearing hearing aids. I quickly learned about Living Sounds and the service they provide and I decided to check them out. I landed an interview with Tim and Greg, the owners of Living Sounds and it quickly became apparent that this was the right fit for me. I was told that providing excellent service was a very important part of the company’s mandate, and it was stressed that above all else they wanted to be known to have the best service in the industry. Thankfully, I was offered a job and have been with Living Sounds ever since. Now, I am afforded t time and encouragement to fully support all people affected by hearing loss. I found a perfect fit.

Amanda McLeod
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

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