Hear Comes the Bride

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As a Living Sounds employee who is planning a wedding, I needed to be prepared and plan ahead to accommodate guests with hearing difficulties. I have included some key tips for planning a wedding around family members that may have a slight hearing loss, so that everyone can enjoy the festivities of the big day.

1. Consider the size of your centerpieces: Not only can having large centerpieces make it difficult for people to see each other, it can also create very difficult situations for those guests who rely on reading lips.

2. Consider a location that has a Loop System: Loop Systems allow individuals to sync their hearing aids to the venue’s audio system so they can hear a speech over music or background noise. Places like Royal Legions and the Jubilee Auditorium offer a Loop System.

3. Justice of the Peace: Finding a Justice of the Peace who speaks clearly will ensure that your guests aren’t missing any of the beautiful and touching moments during the ceremony. The last thing any bride wants is the look of confusion on the faces of her guests when photos of the ceremony are taken.

4. All hearing loss is different: When arranging your seating chart, keep your hearing impaired guests in mind. Ensure that they are placed in areas where they can hear all of the speeches clearly. If there is any concern regarding a family member’s hearing, whether it’s a minor hearing loss like my grandma (or severe selective hearing like my fiancé), it is important to encourage them to go to their closest Living Sounds Hearing Centre for a hearing test.

Carrie York
Customer Care Representative

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