Hearing Aids Lost and Found

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We recently received a phone call from Starkey Canada (an excellent hearing aid manufacturer located in Toronto), informing us that a hearing aid had been located in the Heritage area (South Edmonton). We were then able to contact the Living Sounds Hearing Centre client that the hearing aid belonged to and inform her that her hearing aid was not lost! The client was new to wearing hearing aids, and it was quite a relief to have learned that this important device had been located.

You gotta love technology – and good honest people. These are the kind of stories that should be reported in the paper.

I have witnessed that hearing aids are most commonly lost when they are not being worn. It is important to wear them daily, but sometimes clients forget to put them on. Some clients even take them off to avoid listening to sounds they find annoying, store them in their pocket, and eventually lose them as they take other items in and out of their pocket. Once new clients get used to wearing hearing aids, however, their mind will learn how to ignore those “annoying” sounds and allow them to focus on enjoying the wonderful sounds. These sounds include hearing birds singing, children laughing and playing at the park, or a friend telling explaining how amazing it is that her hearing aid was found thanks to a kind-hearted stranger and a customer-first kind of company!

Please wear your hearing aids daily, and make sure that you are comfortable putting them in. Soon enough, you will start to notice positive changes in everyday life ☺

Alissa Horneland BC-HIS
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

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