Hearing Aids Protect Your Income as You Age

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Boomers and their younger counterparts are risking their financial security when they omit regular hearing check-ups from their health and wellness routines. With the workforce aging and fully one quarter of people working expected to be aged 55+ by 2016, hearing loss has become a serious problem. What’s most frightening is that untreated hearing loss can compromise an older workers’ ability to maintain a stable income and meet their financial goals for retirement.

The problem is in a flawed system that reminds people to get their regular physical check-ups and then omits a hearing test from that check-up. At Living Sounds Hearing Centre we’re all too familiar with patients that have been experiencing degrading hearing health for years before they either realize the problem, or get themselves in to have it treated.

Research reported by the Better Hearing Institute shows that hearing aid use can reduce the risk of loss of income by 90 to 100% for those with mild hearing loss and 65 – 77% for those with moderate to severe hearing loss. That’s a substantial gain in financial security and makes the cost of treatment, even if you don’t have coverage, well worth the return.

And with boomers planning to work longer into their golden years than any generation before them, the need to protect financial security and remain relevant in the workforce has never been stronger. Our goal at Living Sounds Hearing Centre is to help spread the word about hearing loss, the need for hearing tests, and to help people learn to recognize and get the best treatment possible.

Greg Nedelec BC-HIS

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