Hearing Aids — Tips for Choosing Your First Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss can be overwhelming. Often, people quickly notice mobility issues—accessories such as a wheelchair or a cane are hard to miss. Hearing issues—even with hearing aids—are often hidden. This can cause confusion and miscommunication while interacting with others. The more you understand your hearing loss and how it can affect your everyday lifestyle, the easier you will find the transition. 

In my decades-long career as a Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner, I have seen many changes in hearing aids. We have gone from basic analog to digital processing hearing aids and are now entering the age of artificial intelligence.  

How do you choose which hearing aid will work best for you?  

  1. Be open with your practitioner or audiologist.  
    When selecting your hearing aids, we consider your:
    – Lifestyle  
    – Health and dexterity  
    – Past experience with hearing aids 
    – Level of your hearing loss  
    – Personal preferences

    These factors, along with your budget, will help us narrow down your options. 

  2. Take the time to ask questions and understand your individual hearing loss situation. This will help you form realistic expectations about your hearing aids. 
  3. Keep in mind that what works for a friend or family member may not work for you. We are all unique individuals.  
  4. Sometimes it will take several visits for you to adjust to hearing sounds you have not heard in years. Be patient as we work up to the optimum level, while giving your brain the time it needs to adapt.  
  5. Bring a family member or friend with you to appointments. If you do not hear what is being said, they can assist you. Plus, the more others understand your hearing loss, hearing aid technology and the expected result, the more supportive they can be.  
  6. Remember that hearing aids are just that—aids. When those with mobility issues use canes and walkers to help them get around, we do not expect these aids to make them walk exactly as before. Similarly, we cannot expect your hearing aids to process sound exactly as before. 
  7. Stay positive. Over the years, I have noticed that attitude plays a big part in users’ hearing aid experiences.  
  8. Use the 60-day trial period we offer to adjust to your new device and be sure it’s the right fit for you. 

Is today the day that you take the first step towards better hearing?   

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Cathy Robinson BC-HIS 
Board Certified in Hearing Instruments Sciences 
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner   

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