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Times are a-changing, and so are hearing aids…. So why is there still a stigma associated with hearing aids when there are so many benefits? Hearing aids allow you to once again interact with the world, whether it is hearing that perfect (or not so perfect) hit of the golf ball, a child telling you a story, or the birds singing in your backyard. Hearing aids do not hinder your life; they maintain your QUALITY of life!

When you are dealing with hearing loss you may find yourself less excited to participate in social or family situations. Listening becomes more of a challenge, which can cause fatigue, stress, depression, and people on the street may interpret your inability to hear as being rude. You may be less aware of surroundings (which can affect your personal safety), and your work and personal relationships may also be affected. Hearing loss even affects your memory! Furthermore, hearing loss has been known to have a connection with dementia and can decrease your ability to understand speech if left untreated… Can you imagine losing your ability to understand speech?

Do you hear me now?

It is recommended that you get your hearing tested every 12-24 months to ensure that you are hearing properly. If there are any changes to your hearing, your hearing aids can be adjusted to maintain quality of hearing and keep your brain active. It is also to your benefit to wear the hearing aids from morning to night so, once again, you are keeping your brain active to all sounds, which in turn can lead to better speech understanding and memory.

Your hearing specialist is available to help you with any questions or concerns. The level of technology in hearing aids will surprise you, and there are so many ways to adjust hearing aids to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Take the time to have your hearing tested or talk to a family or friend about having a hearing test. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get back to your life!

Alissa Horneland, BC-HIS
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

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