Hearing Loops

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Hearing Loops
24Dec 2019

For most individuals with hearing loss, hearing aids can make a significant improvement in their ability to hear and communicate. Hearing aid technology advancements have made hearing aids much more effective, even in environments with background noise. However, there is a feature called telecoil that has been available in many hearing aids for a long time. Telecoil can help people hear in difficult situations. A telecoil in hearing aids can improve sound quality on compatible cellular phones and can also be used in places where a hearing loop, also known as an audio induction loop, has been installed.

Hearing loops use an electromagnetic signal to transmit sound from someone speaking directly to the hearing aid, reducing background noise. Thanks to increased awareness about the benefits of these loop systems, they are being installed more often in public places. Some places in Edmonton which now offer hearing loop areas include:

  • City of Edmonton facilities, libraries and recreational centres
  • Rogers Place service desks
  • Winspear Centre
  • Citadel’s Maclab Theatre, ATB Arts Barn Theatre
  • Some places of worship

Look for this symbol wherever telecoil settings can be used.

Many telecoil hearing aids and hearing aid accessories can be activated by simply changing a setting or pressing a button.

Contact Living Sounds Hearing Centre to confirm whether your hearing aids have a telecoil feature or if there is another option that could benefit you.

Eric Schenk
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner
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