Hearing Loss is Frustrating

Posted by Living Sounds

Hearing loss is frustrating for more than just the person with the hearing loss.

Recently I’ve been talking with my son, Marshall, about his experiences with my hearing issues.  He obviously has a very different perspective on the events that led up to me getting a hearing aid and it’s been interesting to hear his thoughts and a different perspective on the situation.

Marshall expressed how frustrating it was to try and talk to me when he had to continually repeat himself or when I simply didn’t hear him at all. I hadn’t really thought about how it was affecting my boys. No one wants to be the source of frustration, particularly when it comes to a loved one. As a parent I’m sure I’ve often frustrated my kids, but with good reason. This was different.

Knowing what I know now, it was such an easy fix. It didn’t need to be so hard to communicate with each other. The TV also didn’t have to be so loud apparently.

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