Hearing Loss Isn’t Funny

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Hearing loss isn’t funny. Not to the person with hearing loss at least, and their loves ones if it’s been going on for a long time. Untreated hearing loss can cause tension at home, work and play. Finding moments to look back and appreciate the delicacies of hearing is important. My client today shared a funny story about his hearing loss, before he wore hearing aids.

He was shopping at Costco when he got a call from his wife. His wife said she was at a work meeting and he could hear some of the people and noise in the background. He heard her say “can you do us a favour and pick us up a dozen cheese platters” and he replies “a dozen cheese platters? That’s so expensive why don’t I just buy you a bunch of cheese and make your own”. She started talking very loudly to him and kept shouting “a dozen platters, a dozen platters”. His wife’s co-workers who were in the room started to get concerned and were thinking, we’re asking your husband to do us a favour, so don’t yell at him. The wife turns around to the workers and says, “I need to yell at him, cause if I don’t he’ll show up here with a dozen cheese platters when we need a dozen ‘C’ batteries.”

That definitely made me laugh, but also made me realize the difficulties of living with a loved one with untreated hearing loss. Here are few more situations we can laugh at together…

Klinton Pilling BC-HIS
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

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