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I am one of the newer employees with Living Sounds Hearing Centre and before I started this job, I never really thought about my ability to hear. It is one of the senses that I was born with and I take it for granted as most people do. Working in this industry has completely changed the way I think about my perception of the sounds in the world around me.

When people think about a hearing centre, they often associate it with hearing aids, but there are other great services and products that Living Sounds offers. My favourite product would be the custom molds. With custom-molded ear defenders, you can protect your hearing with the ultimate level of comfort. These molds are a longer-term solution than regular and cheap earplugs. The custom molded ear defenders only need to be replaced every couple of years. Because each set is made specifically for you, there are multiple colour and material options to fit your needs and preferences.

Being aware of the noise you are exposed to and taking actions early on to protect your hearing can help mitigate potential hearing loss later on in life. Even with the best in hearing protection, continued exposure to loud or sudden noises can negatively affect your hearing. We at Living Sounds Hearing Centre recommend that you have your hearing tested annually to catch any loss as soon as possible.

Aarin Christian
Client Care Representative
Living Sounds Hearing Centre

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