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As every Canadian knows, our weather can change in the blink of an eye, comes in extremes, and can even be downright challenging at times. But with the changing weather comes many unique and exciting sounds and experiences – so it’s important to make sure you and your hearing aids are well prepared!

Some sounds are fairly enjoyable, like the birds chirping and conversations with those most important to us. Others, such as outdoor concerts, lawn mowers, and the scraping of snowploughs can be quite noisy. Unfortunately, certain seasonal sounds can be damaging for our ears, especially if hearing aids are worn. At Living Sounds Hearing Centre, each of our skilled hearing health professionals knows the value of hearing protection and advocates for it! Below are a few helpful tips to get you through whatever Mother Nature may have in store for you this season.

Guard Against Moisture

It’s important to protect your ears from the wind and the elements by keeping them warm and dry. Condensation can develop in both warm and cold weather conditions, and be damaging to hearing aids. Moisture in the ear can also bring the potential risk of ear infections. At Living Sounds Hearing Centre you can find dehumidifying kits that help keep your hearing aids dry and moisture free.

Fight the Dry Weather

With cold weather comes dry itchy skin. The skin in our ear canals can be very sensitive, and especially so in cold weather. A helpful product that you can find at Living Sounds Hearing Centre is Eargene, which is a lotion for soothing and relieving itching ears.

Avoid Exposure to Loud Noise

Winter sounds like snow blowers and skidoos, along with summer sounds like fireworks and lawn mowers can be harmful to your hearing so please take out your hearing aids and put on ear protection while taking on noisy day-to-day tasks. At Living Sounds Hearing Centre we offer a wide variety of ear defenders for every seasonal activity, so call and schedule an appointment today.

Carry Extra Batteries

As with all electronics that are battery operated, cold weather can decrease their effectiveness. Be sure to pack extra batteries for your hearing aids just in case. Should the weather keep you indoors this winter, please contact us and we would be glad to mail some batteries out to you.

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