Hearing The Ones Who Matter The Most

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Since joining the Living Sounds Hearing Centre’s customer care team earlier this year, I have been reminded of the many challenges family members and friends face when a loved one suffers from hearing loss. Growing up, I often heard phrases like “Look at me when you talk” and “speak clearly”, as I myself have a parent with a hearing impairment and who wears a hearing aid.

When someone in your life is struggling with hearing loss, there are numerous communication strategies that one can utilize to offer support. For example, speaking naturally, maintaining good eye contact, and enunciating are helpful for when communicating with your loved one. One should also be mindful of reducing background noise both at home and out in public.

Here at Living Sounds, we are able to offer many tools to assist in communication. In addition to hearing aids and media devices, we also offer a class called “Third Ear” as part of our support services. “Third Ear” is a free educational class open to customers and their family members. The class teaches techniques for those personally dealing with hearing loss, but it also offers insights into what families can do to better offer their support.

If you are interested in learning more about “Third Ear”, please contact your Living Sounds Hearing Centre Practitioner.

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