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At Living Sounds we are an ever-growing family, from our staff members new and old to all the clientele that walk through our doors. When you come into our office you will feel the jovial, light-hearted and comforting environment immediately. We know how hard it can be to walk through those doors, which is why we try our best to make you feel at home. The last thing we want to be is a cold, clinical setting, which can make the experience feel even more challenging. We strive to make you feel like you’ve walked into our home complete with cookies, coffee, and a smile. We promise to take the time to listen to you and truly hear all that is important to you. After all, who would we be without you? Each and every one of you that comes into Living Sounds gives our staff the opportunity to do what means the most to us, helping others!

I myself have been with the company for almost 7 years and feel that we have the best customers. This is no coincidence! I believe it’s a direct result of all our staff (those before my time, current, and ones yet to come) who work so hard build trust and real relationships with our clients. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful group. We all care for and support each other, which allows us to share that experience and genuine care to others. Please allow us to be there for you, help improve your quality of life, and make sure you don’t miss out on all those little moments. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our Living Sounds family, where you can “count on us to listen”!

Emma Poole
Customer Care Representative

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