How Hearing Aid Technology Works

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Tech utilization in hearing aids
10Jan 2022

Hearing aids have come a long way since their inception. Today’s sleek models can be virtually invisible, making them a discreet way to remedy a hearing issue and a much more practical option than the cumbersome hearing aids of the past. Most models can be configured for direct wireless connection to mobile phones and may have rechargeable battery options as well. The technological advances used in today’s hearing aids are much more effective than earlier models at combating the often-frustrating issue of hearing loss.

Components of The Hearing Aid

No matter their style or design, all hearing aids utilize four basic components to do their job which are:

  • Microphone: The microphone element of a hearing aid gathers sound in then converts it into an electrical signal.
  • Amplifier: The amplifier takes the signal and amplifies its intensity or volume. In addition, digital processing and Artificial Intelligence modify the signal to reduce noise and artifacts making the signal audible and comfortable for the user. This processed signal is then passed on to the receiver. The receiver converts the electrical signal back into sound. Hearing aids are the single most effective way to treat the majority of hearing loss cases.
  • Speaker: The speaker component takes the recently converted signal and broadcasts it into the ear.
  • Power supply: This is the component of the hearing aid that powers the above process. A sealed rechargeable battery may be available, or disposable batteries may be recommended. Rechargeable battery systems typically provide a full day of use and are recharged at night. Disposable batteries may last for three to seven days depending on the environment and usage.

New Tech Utilized in Hearing Aids

Digital technology has revolutionized the hearing aid industry. This has led to the following improvements:

  • An improvement in speech understanding is some adverse conditions
  • Less feedback
  • Precise adjustment of sound characteristics
  • Allowed for customizable settings that better match a person’s individual hearing loss needs
  • Given more precise directional microphone capabilities

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