Inheriting Hearing Loss

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Baldness, freckles…hearing loss?  Yes, it seems we can inherit many of our parents’ traits, whether or not we truly want them.  While we have known for years that different conditions such as baldness, high blood pressure, and poor eyesight can have genetic origins, recent studies have revealed more information into the genetic causes of hearing loss in many individuals.

A article details the findings from a National Institutes of Health supported research study.  This study indicates that almost 70 different genes in our DNA have been identified as responsible for hereditary hearing loss.  Researchers expect this number to increase as more gene candidates are explored.

So while the majority of the hearing losses we see involve some degree of prior noise exposure, it is becoming more and more commonplace to see individuals who have genetic factors involved with their condition.  Unfortunately, this is not something you can change.  However, recognizing the signs of hearing loss early on and getting the appropriate care can help reduce the impact that hearing loss will have.

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Tim Goshulak BC-HIS

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