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Or more correctly, I want to hear music, and at a safe enjoyable volume level. This is where custom-molded musician earplugs save the day. What are musician earplugs? Well, they are earplugs that are manufactured specifically to custom fit to the inside of your ears. You wear them around any kind of loud music to protect your ears from potentially damaging volume levels and to prevent that nasty “ringing in my ears” after being around too-loud music. Loud sounds, of any kind, can harm your hearing either temporarily or permanently, you may have tried wearing a pair of foam earplugs to a loud pop or rock concert and thought, “Sure, it prevents ringing in my ears after the show but I had a difficult time talking to my friends throughout the show.” Maybe you felt isolated from sound in the environment and didn’t really enjoy the music, since it was muffled. This is why so many people choose not to protect their hearing at loud amplified concerts or shows.

Unfortunately, the ringing in their ears after the show may be an indication of damage to the inner ear, and that may show up as a hearing loss later in life.

Musician earplugs are fitted with filters that decrease sound evenly across the low bass, mid-pitch and high-pitch sound range (frequencies of sound), allowing you to hear music evenly and enjoyably at a safer, more comfortable volume level. The filters are small round inserts that sit in the middle of the earmold, and are designed to decrease sound by a certain average decibel level (available with 9, 15 or 25 dB filters). Along with the shape of the sound bore in the actual mold, musician earplugs actually preserve the balance of the musical tones. Pretty neat, eh? If you find yourself in various musical sound environments, you may find it beneficial to have more than one set of filters that you can change out as needed.

How do you know which filter is best for you and the volume of music you’re playing or enjoying? Our qualified staff has the knowledge to be able to assist you in helping you choose the right filter for your needs. Generally speaking, if you play or listen to live percussion, brass or amplified music, you may need ER 25 filters, if you play or listen to large string instruments, woodwinds or flutes, play in a marching band, teach music classes or are part of a sound crew, you might choose ER 15 filters or if you’re playing small string instruments, acoustic guitar or you’re a vocalist, ER 9 filters may be best.

As a vocalist/musician and self-appointed “Hearing Conservationist,” I personally own ER 15 & ER 25 filters for my Musician Earmolds and I NEVER leave home without them. I wear them in pubs, bars with loud DJ music, wedding dances and Christmas parties with loud DJ music, some movie theatres. Once, I even wore them at a church wedding ceremony because the Speaker system was just too loud!

If music feeds your mortal soul, and you want to enjoy it for many years to come, do your ears a favour and get them a pair of custom ER Musician Earmolds!

Kim Ryll, BC-HIS, RHAP

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