National Women’s Health Week

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The U.S. just celebrated National Women’s Health Week (May 11-17) and while this isn’t a “Canadian thing” it’s an important topic for women all over the globe.

In honour of National Women’s Health Week and May being Hearing and Speech Awareness Month, I wanted to give the ladies out there some important facts about their hearing health:

  • There’s a link between depression and hearing loss prevalent in older female adults. This makes sense to me since women are often described as the “communicators” of the world, if their hearing ability is decreased this could make daily communication a source of frustration rather than joy.
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  • Poor cardiovascular health can affect blood flow to the inner ear causing hearing loss. More reasons why everyone should find a way to keep active.
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  • A person’s fitness level and Body Mass Index (BMI) is associated with hearing loss; higher BMI and wider waistlines are more at risk for hearing loss.
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  • Uncontrolled diabetes may increase your chances of hearing loss.
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  • Chemotherapy or other drugs can damage the inner ear.
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  • There’s a higher risk of falling or hospitalization when an unaddressed hearing loss is present.
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  • You can delay dementia by keeping the brain actively hearing with hearing aids, bringing in more signals from the environment. This is applicable to all people with hearing loss but more important for the aging population as cognitive function can start to slowly decline with age.
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  • Taking care of one’s hearing can improve your quality of life, earning potential and relationships with others. Today’s hearing devices can be near invisible, automatic functioning or manually or remote controlled, and have wireless Bluetooth connectivity to music players, cellphones, television devices and more. These options give you more solutions for improved hearing in more situations.

Throughout the month of May, there are events being held all over Canada and the U.S. to spread awareness about the importance of having your hearing tested, protecting your hearing and finding solutions to improve hearing ability for improved health and communication overall.

To view an article from the Better Hearing Institute that outlines the hearing health facts mentioned above, click here

For local information check out the website for the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA)

Don’t delay – have your hearing tested today!

Kim Ryll, BC-HIS
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

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