Not Just an Issue for the Elderly Hearing Loss Costs the Canadian Economy

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I read a statistic the other day that said the cost of hearing loss to the Canadian economy is about $18 Billion. Yes, you read that correctly, $18 Billion. It’s an alarming number that brings home the reality of hearing loss from a financial perspective.

Many of us are aware of the mental health risks associated with hearing loss, since about 60% of those suffering hearing loss also suffer depression, but perhaps fewer of us are aware of what that means.

The real reason to pay attention, is the personal toll hearing loss can take on an individual life: the loss of relationships, the lack of enjoyment in life, isolation, trouble functioning at work, increasing difficulty dealing with financial issues, and the list can go on. It’s all a reality if hearing loss is denied or ignored and left untreated.

If you think you or a loved one is suffering hearing loss, please contact us.

Tim Goshulak BC-HIS

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