Rediscovering Sound — My Father’s Journey

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Imagine hearing sounds you haven’t experienced for over 60 years. That was the reality for my 85-year-old father after he discovered the Livio 2400 hearing aids.

Although my father has hearing coverage through a third-party provider, he decided to upgrade to the Livio 2400 hearing aids instead of the standard ones.

I recently attended his hearing evaluation and hearing aid fitting at the Living Sounds – John Roberts Centre. We were amazed at how helpful our practitioner Jessica was. She explained how to use the hearing aids and how to set up the TV device — something my father has had difficulty doing himself. She even said she’d be more than happy to stop by and set it up herself if he was still having trouble!

The hearing technology was equally impressive. During the appointment, Jessica adjusted the hearing aids’ settings directly from her computer while my father was wearing them.

After the appointment, I noticed the difference in my father right away. When I visited with my parents, my mom told me that he had successfully connected the TV device by himself and even said it was easy. My mom’s happier too since they now can lower the TV volume levels from 42 to around 17.

My father said the new hearing aids are “unreal,” and he’s so glad to have upgraded to the Livio 2400. While his older hearing aids were good (he could still hear conversations) the new ones have been dramatically better. They allow him to hear sounds he hasn’t heard “since 1956.” He can even hear my mom while she speaks in her normal voice tone in the kitchen.

Thanks to Jessica and everyone at Living Sounds – John Roberts Centre, my father has rediscovered sound, improving his hearing and his life.

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Sarah MacArthur, CMA

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