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As a customer service representative at Living Sounds Hearing Centre, I hear a wide range of questions related to hearing health. I can sum so many up with a message on prevention. You may not realize that loud noise can cause permanent damage to your hearing.

Often in our busy lives, we can move through the day completely unaware that our hearing may be at risk. Sound is so closely tied to our emotional state that we often subject ourselves to damaging noise levels to feel more intense emotion. Music pumped directly into our ears through headphones and earbuds is often far too loud for safe listening. Concerts or live music events can be exciting, but they are loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss. There are many sounds that we can control and turn down, like our TV and personal media devices. While other sounds can’t be so easily controlled, such as live music events, traffic, road noise, and loud work environments.

Loud noise affects not only our ears but our whole bodies. Sound distortion can lead to a domino effect of stress, sleep problems and even high blood pressure.

So the best advice I can give is to protect your hearing. Turn it down if you control the source, or block it out if you don’t. Wearing the right hearing protection can help prevent hearing damage down the road and mitigate other associated health risks.

At Living Sounds Hearing Centre, we will gladly set appointments to take impressions for custom ear defenders that can be used in a variety of conditions. From sleep mold, musician and swim molds, to work-related ear protection.

After all, we can’t turn off our hearing to shut off the world around us. So this year, make a conscious effort to protect it.

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