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My name is Aaron, I am one of the front-end staff at Living Sounds hearing Centre.

I understand that when you call in to book an appointment, we can ask a lot of open-ended questions. I want to reassure you that this is because at Living Sounds Hearing Centre, we are dedicated to making sure we schedule you in for the correct appointment, with the appropriate amount of time, and at the most convenient location for you.

Although it may not seem like there are different types of appointments that can be scheduled when it comes to assessing hearing, there may be a bigger array of offerings than expected. Below I have listed some of the general services we provide, in hopes of providing insight and clarity on how we can best help you.

First and foremost, Living Sounds conducts hearing evaluations for anybody over the age of 18. Initial assessments for anybody applying for WCB or Veterans Affairs, and since we have a registered audiologist on staff, RCMP and EPS initial screenings are also available out of the Synergy Wellness Centre location in Sherwood Park.

Full hearing evaluations are normally scheduled from sixty to ninety minutes in order to assure that practitioners have enough time to go over the results, as well as any additional recommendations. Prior to these appointments, and in order to ensure they can be completed on time, we ask as many questions upfront as possible.

Secondly, we provide information on hearing aids (consultations), dispense hearing aids, and complete adjustments, cleanings, or repairs to one’s current hearing aids. Each appointment can range from approximately thirty to sixty minutes.

In addition to the above, we also take appointments for impressions for anybody wanting or needing custom earplugs (please see one of our previous blogs on custom earplugs for more information, or give us a call).

Living Sounds has 23 locations, including our satellite locations. Depending on where you are located, we have the ability to work with you close to the vicinity in which you reside. We pride ourselves on accessibility and making sure we are able to make our appointments convenient for you.

We are always here to listen and do our best to accommodate where and when works best for you. If you have any questions, the staff at Living Sounds is more than willing to help or go the extra mile to assist you and provide you with the information you need.

Aaron Wannamaker- Customer Care Representative
213-501 Bethel Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 0N2
Phone (780) 640-1100
Fax (780) 449-5552
Living Sounds Hearing Centre Ltd.

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