Spring Hearing Protection

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The return of spring also marks the return of the familiar symphony of lawn mowers and weed whackers. It’s a wonderful time of year as we shake off old man winter and watch for new life to bloom as the earth springs back to life. We all take so much care to nurture our lawns back to luxurious green carpets, we often neglect what all that noise exposure might be doing to our ears. When noise is too loud it begins to kill the nerve endings in the inner ear. As those nerve endings get damaged and die, our hearing ability is also diminished with prolonged noise exposure.

It is recommended that hearing protection be used for any sounds over 85 decibels regardless of the duration. Did you know the average lawn mower emits between 90 & 100 decibels, while chainsaws and hedge trimmers emit between 100 and 110 decibels? This can be a serious assault to the nerve endings in our ears, so we need to take all of this into consideration.

At Living Sounds we offer custom protection from the harmful sounds of spring and summer with noise defenders—a custom silicone mold that is built specifically for your ear. If custom noise protection isn’t right for you, there are also muffs and a wide selection of universal earplugs that you could consider.

Please call Living Sounds Hearing Centre at 1-833-559-4327 to book your appointment. Or book your appointment online.  We would be happy to help you conserve your hearing today.

Emma Poole
Customer Care Representative

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