Sweet Dreams: Custom Sleeper Molds for Improved Sleep

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The importance of sleep can’t be debated. Sleep is imperative for so many reasons; to restore and rejuvenate the body, to grow muscle and to repair tissue, and even to synthesize hormones. In addition to the many physiological benefits, there are many cognitive areas where a good night’s sleep can help you improve. Research has shown that quality sleep improves learning and problem solving. Sleep can also help you to pay attention, make decisions, and be creative.

For those who are light sleepers, shift workers, or sleep with a snoring partner, sleep can be elusive. Over the counter earplugs are readily available to reduce unwanted sound but they can be uncomfortable or fall out. They are ineffective if not inserted correctly or deeply enough.

Custom sleeper molds can solve all of these problems. They are ideal for sleeping, reading and travelling.

An impression is taken of your ears to get a perfect casting of the ear canal and outer ear, which are made into custom sleeper molds to ensure a perfect fit.

The material used is an incredibly soft medical grade silicone to ensure comfort and long life. They are made with a low profile for additional comfort in the ear when you lay on them. They can be made in any colour, with even a glitter feature available. Bright colours are fun, but also makes the molds easily found if taken out. Even though they are easy to tell apart by fit and shape, having each piece be a different colour allows for easy identification, especially in a dark room.

Once the molds are made, we recommend coming back to the clinic to be fit by our professionals to ensure that they feel just right. They will also help you make sure you have no problem identifying right from left and that you can insert them easily and correctly.

Custom molds can last for many years with proper care, and can be cleaned simply with a mild soap and water.

All of our Living Sounds Hearing Centres offer this service and can help you to a better nights sleep.

Adele Collingwood, BC-HIS
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

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