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Are you a musician worried about what loud music is doing to the very thing you depend on to develop and fine tune your craft – your hearing?

There are products designed to help reduce the level of noise you are exposed to while still keeping the full integrity of sound. In-ear monitors are one of these products. Whether you are a seasoned professional, budding musician, an audiophile, or a sound engineer, you can benefit from in-ear monitors.

In-ear monitors are custom-made devices that offer both comfort and noise reduction. For musicians, in-ear monitors can reduce vocal strain, eliminate feedback, and protect your hearing while simultaneously allowing you to hear the thunderous cheering of the room (or your mom and dad clapping at the back of the room…hi mom!).

For professional engineers or home recording aficionados, in-ear monitors will give you a wider range of access to harmonic composition and overtones that will take your end product to the next level. You can use one monitor for quality improvement or two for a stereo-like effect, as well as the increased ability to balance sound or pan from left to right.

For audiophiles, with the comfort of a custom made product, you will be able to hear the full range of sound, just like the musicians who recorded the music. Any genre of music will be enhanced with in-ear monitors.
Custom made musician ear molds are also fantastic, whether you are on stage or on the floor being mesmerized by your favourite band. Musician ear molds will reduce the decibel of sound you are exposed to, all the while maintaining sound quality.

Remember: protect your hearing while you are still young (or young at heart). A rock concert can reach 110 – 120dB and headsets can go as loud as 105dB – a level that can cause hearing damage faster than you can say “bravo”.

Alissa Horneland BC-HIS
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Sciences
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

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