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As a customer care representative, I am the first line of contact for most of our clients. Although I enjoy assisting clients with their hearing concerns, my favourite part of the position is meeting and getting to know the clients. I have been with Living Sounds for over 6 years and I am very lucky to have been able to sit and have conversations with many clients or just listen to their stories of their time in the war, their growing families, or their travels. What we don’t always get to hear about is our clients’ experiences with hearing aids. I have had the opportunity of hearing and seeing the transformation one goes through from beginning to end.

I have a close family friend, that for privacy reasons, I will call Judy. Due to some unfortunate health issues, Judy lost her hearing completely in one ear and had hearing loss in the other. For many years she suffered with that loss and missed out on many conversations and avoided functions due to the difficulty and embarrassment. Her husband already wore hearing aids that he had purchased through Living Sounds, so he referred her and suggested she try hearing aids herself.

About 6 years ago Judy got a hearing aid in the ear that had some loss. It did the job it was supposed to, but she still missed hearing some words and sounds due to the complete loss in the other ear. It was recently recommended by one of our practitioners that she try a BiCROS aid. For those of you unfamiliar with BiCROS, it is an aid for users with little or no hearing on one side and with some hearing loss in the other ear. Judy decided to be fitted with the BiCROS aids and has shared with me that she not only hears better in the ear that had hearing loss, but she can perceive sound in the ear that has no hearing.

Judy is always amazed at the sounds she hears in both ears and continues to see positive changes daily. She is truly grateful for the continual work and care that is done by the practitioners and the rest of the staff that have assisted her in regaining a meaningful life.

There are many more positive experiences like Judy’s. Let the wonderful team at Living Sounds Hearing Center be part of your hearing story.

Nicole Badorek
Customer Care Representative

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