The Future of Hearing Aid Control: There’s an App for That

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Like everything related to the iPhone, and Apple products in general, there has been some recent speculation and leaked information about Made for iPhone hearing aids.

While the rumors are a little light on specifics, reports have some of the top names in hearing aids (Starkey, Oticon and GN ReSound) working on this very idea right now. So while the hearing aids in development are made for iPhone, as the name would indicate, the real intrigue comes from the idea of using an app to control the devices. Imagine the possibilities and customizations with self-programming and self-care.

Initial renditions of the technology will likely be developed with programming changes locked for professional use and situational adaptations open to user control. As this type of technology evolves and users become more and more tech savvy and more confident in their abilities to manage their hearing, it will be interesting to see where the technology takes us. As mentioned in an earlier blog post about purchasing hearing aids online, self-managed care can mean missing out on the service, advice and expertise of hearing aid professionals, so it’ll be critical to the success of any self-management app to provide really good education.

Greg Nedelec BC-HIS

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