Tips for Helping a Loved One

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Seeing a spouse or loved one suffer with hearing loss can be frustrating and heartbreaking.  If it seems to you they are avoiding the problem, you’re probably correct.  It’s not always easy to convince a loved one to seek help.

What can you do?

Left untreated, hearing loss can affect a person’s quality of life in many ways.  Yet without even realizing it, you may be making it easier for someone not to seek help.  Well-intentioned efforts such as repeating yourself or “translating” what others are saying may be preventing your loved one from realizing how much communication they fail to understand or miss completely.

The following are some positive steps you can take in order to help them find the help they need:

–        Talk to your friend or loved one about their hearing concerns

–        Inform your friend of the latest advancements in hearing aid technology like The Invisible Hearing Aid

–        Tell your friend about your experience with Living Sounds Hearing Centre

–        Inform your friend that better hearing is a phone call away

Hearing clearly again will have a positive impact on everyone’s life, opening doors to new experiences and relationships.  Don’t let them put it off any longer.

You can refer a friend to be booked online today!

Greg Nedelec BC-HIS

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