Understanding the Difficulties of Hearing Problems

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I have been greeting clients at Living Sounds Hearing Centre for 10 years and I love every minute of meeting new people and helping well-known clients every day.

As a Client Care Representative, I know that customer service all starts with the person who answers the telephone or greets you at the front desk. In this position, it’s my goal to help clients in any way possible by making this process easy and comfortable. Addressing hearing problems can a very big step and scary for some people, and I start by helping our clients relax with a coffee, tea or cookies if they like.

I truly understand that sometimes people have many difficulties when they can’t hear properly. As an example, it can sometimes be challenging for family members to get their loved ones to come into Living Sounds Hearing Centre to begin with, and once they do, they can sometimes become agitated. To help, I do my best to make them feel comfortable, but sometimes even after using my best efforts to make them feel at home, they feel uncomfortable and just want to leave. If you’re a family member of one of these clients, please don’t feel embarrassed – it’s something that occurs more often than you’d think, and it is often out of their control. We can simply reschedule for another time when your loved one is having a better day.

At Living Sounds Hearing Centre I take pride in giving the very best customer service I can, helping everyone feel welcomed and comfortable when they walk in our door.

Val Elyn
Client Care Representative

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