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Cerumen, otherwise known as earwax, is a naturally occurring extruded (released) product from your ears. Did you know that earwax actually protects the skin of the ear canal and aids in lubrication and cleaning of the ear? However, when this wax becomes compacted, often from the use of cotton swabs, it can cause dizziness, ringing, pain, and even loss of hearing.

In fact, cotton swabs were actually intended to help remove excess make up, not to clean out earwax. Most people are unaware that they can actually push earwax further inside your ear canal, leading to discomfort and pain.

Living Sounds offers the following earwax removal services for anyone over the age of 18:

  1. Irrigation: the flushing of your ear with water
  2. Suction: a small hand vacuum to extract the wax from your ear
  3. Manual Extraction: an Oto pick or various handheld tools used to pick out the wax from your ear
  4. A combination of all three of the above methods to extract the wax

It is recommended that 3-4 days before an appointment, a cerumen removal drop is placed into your ears followed by a cotton ball to keep the liquid in. This wax-softening drop is left in overnight, making the wax easier to remove. If you have any questions regarding the earwax removal services offered, or if you are unsure about placing drops into your ears prior to your appointment, please contact any of our locations toll-free at 1-833-559-4327.

Carrie Wohland
Customer Care Representative

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