What Customer Service at Living Sounds Hearing Centre Means to Me

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I’ve been employed with Living Sounds Hearing Centre for 11 years, and I’ve spent this time training to provide the best customer care to our clients. Everyone at Living Sounds strives to give our clients 110% when it comes to customer service, and my personal belief is to treat our clients the way I’d like to be treated. Because of this, our clients feel that their needs are taken care of from the moment they walk in the door and are offered refreshments.

Because of our dedication to making everyone who enters Living Sounds happy, we have some clients who walk in just to have coffee and chat. Moments like this make me feel that we have given the best Customer Care possible.

For instance, some of our clients have been with Living Sounds for numerous years. Within that time, we’ve seen some clients’ health unfortunately diminish. One day, a client came in who was suffering from severe dementia. When she came in for her appointment, she seemed very distraught and confused. Sensing her discomfort, I approached her, held her hand, and asked her what’s wrong. This small action helped calm her down and reassured her that we were here to help. It’s the little things like this that demonstrate what customer service means to me.

I am very proud to say Living Sounds Hearing Centre has trained me to respect what I do.

Elaine Sutherland
Client Care Representative

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