What’s New? The Dash Pro!

Posted by Living Sounds

Living Sounds is excited to now be able to provide The Dashpro! The custom Dashpro is the newest wireless earphone device made by Bragi, tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies.

This technology has strong premium audio abilities and streams music without interruptions. It comes with smartphone and wireless connectivity, and an activity tracker that can track your heart rate, calories, speed, and step count. These amazing devices can even differentiate between running, swimming, or cycling. The Dashpro also monitors your workouts with the help of the activity coach to keep you motivated with real-time feedback. The Dashpro is offered in a non-custom form, or can be customized to fit your ears. An ear impression is all that is required to make these just for you! You can learn more at:

We’re excited to be offering this amazing technology! Please call Living Sounds Hearing Centre at 1-833-559-4327 to be fit with your newest hearable.

Natalie Huska, BC-HIS
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

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