Winter & Hearing

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Winter months in Alberta are dry and cold. Putting on toques and bundling up will help you fight the cold; however that same warmth can potentially create moisture build-up in hearing aids. We at Living Sounds Hearing Centre want you to stay warm, so we recommend you continue to bundle up, but make an effort to do the following:

  • Use your handy cleaning brush provided with your hearing aids to keep dirt and debris out
  • Store batteries at room temperature; not in the vehicle. Extreme temperatures of either hot or cold are tough on hearing aids
  • Carry extra batteries with you, as the temperature can affect battery life-span
  •  If you plan to visit friends or family for an extended period of time, consider bringing a drying device such as the Perfect Dry Lux or Global 2 to keep moisture from building up in the hearing aids
  • Be mindful of ear infections
  • When using a snow blower, or going snowmobiling, make sure to use ear protection as these activities often have a high decibel noise level and can potentially cause damage to the ears
  • Have your hearing aids checked regularly by a professional

To book an appointment to have your hearing aids checked please contact Living Sounds at 1-833-559-4327

Carrie Wohland
Customer Care Representative

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