The Wonderful World of Wax

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One of my specialties as a hearing aid practitioner is wax removal. It was with extra time and extra courses that I am now able to remove wax from patients’ ears and oddly, I love it.

Earwax helps keep foreign objects (i.e. bugs) and particles from entering our ear, and it also lubricates the ear canal. For some, it quietly does its job and then leaves the ear on its own. For others, it decides to build up, layer upon layer, until problems arise. People may feel like their ear is plugged, needs to pop, or like there is a pressure, or discomfort. An ear plugged with wax can even cause dizziness and ringing.

This is where I come in. When I can remove a build-up of wax, I am often rewarded with a very happy client. The relief for the client can be immediate because some of them have been dealing with wax build-up for months or even sometimes years. Being able to help someone feel better so quickly feels fabulous and I love it!

At Living Sounds we have a new tool for wax removal called the Earigator™. This may be the best invention in the world of wax removal. The Earigator™ helps speed up wax removal with little to no discomfort. It’s like a shower/whirlpool right in your ear. I’ve had wax removed with a syringe before, and there is no comparison to this fabulous machine. Some clients enjoy it so much they ask if it could be done on a regular basis, and recently a client asked if she could come in monthly to have her ear rinsed because it felt so good.

Bottom line, if you are ever in need of wax removal, we have the tools and expertise to remove it. Please don’t hesitate to call and book a wax removal appointment. We are always happy to help!

Amanda McLeod
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

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